March 2016

March 2016


When it comes to writing, planning a trip, or building something, I always have trouble getting started.  When it comes to writing, I find that it takes a prolonged period of time to come up with a creative subject and pen words around ideas that inspire people to read on.  Around planning a trip, I am constantly making sure I have all the bases covered so that nothing can go wrong.  As for building, power tools and instruction sheets just don’t seem to mix.

Last month, I wrote about beginning a Lenten journey around the theme of Spiritual Renewal.  I challenged myself and others to explore what it means to live out Christian faith in connection to prayer, worship, telling, studying, serving, giving and reading.  I must admit that I found this task daunting, as I did not know how to start.  As the Lenten season progressed I sensed more and more that the Christian faith is lived out in community amid relationships with others and God.  I am not sure if the hard part was getting started or understanding what prayer, worship, telling, studying, serving, giving and reading really mean in faith development on an on-going basis.


In the getting started, I was bogged down in worry, of the known and unknown, and wondering how all of this will affect my faith and those I serve.  Who wants to make a mistake?  What will God think?  What will others think?  With thanksgiving, I thank God, and I mean that literally, for the strength, comfort, and peace God provides to meet the daily tasks we meet each day. 


As I am preparing for Holy Week and Easter, my prayer is that we be open to the work of God’s Spirit in all that we will do in retelling the story of God’s love and forgiveness in the Christ who dies, rises and promises to come again.  Family and relationships are so important in doing God’s mission and work in our community.  These are not something we can take for granted.  The Passion story is about tears and pain, hope and joy of the one who sacrifices everything for us.  May we too, recognize the wonder, mystery, hurts, and excitement of the Passion story in the life of Christ and in our lives.


May God continue to bless us in all that we pray, worship, tell, study, serve, give and read.  We are off to a great start, where will God take us??


               Pastor Jeff