March 2017

All aboard!


Train travel has fascinated me for most of my life.  I have friends and colleagues who can give you details about every train from engines, cars and cabooses that are now antiques to those that are still running the rails.  I am not one of those people but I have a great appreciation for those who do.  I am also fascinated with those who collect and display miniature train sets.  There is so much time, talent and creativity that goes into this work.


As I reflect on the train trips if have taken, the most memorable one’s are:  the Rocky Mountaineer from Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC and from Vancouver, BC to Whistler, BC; Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC and London, ON to Montreal, PQ.  Each of them had their own unique scenery and stories.  I was amazed at the beauty of Canada and friendliness of fellow train travellers.  The trip to Montreal was notable as we journeyed through a major snowstorm and saw nothing but snowflakes out the large picture windows for miles and miles and miles.  On the way home from Montreal we were delayed as they had to thaw the track switches with a blowtorch to get us on the right rails.  Certain trips may of had their glitches but being able to sit back to see the picturesque scenery and relax was incredible.   


A journey that all of us will be on soon in the life of our church is the season of Lent.  As in train travel, we will have stopovers at different stations  that include - Ash Wednesday, mid-week Lenten Services, Palm Sunday, Wednesday of Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday - the Resurrection of our Lord.


Here is what the Lenten brochure has to say about our trip.


Shrove Tuesday – The menu includes pancakes to help us reflect on the journey we are about

 to embark upon.

Ash Wednesday Service – We introduce our theme related to hunger and food for our faith



Midweek Lenten Services

Week one stopover – Hunger for nutrition

Week two stopover - Hunger for reconciliation

Week three stopover - Hunger for peace

Week four stopover - Hunger for God’s Word

Week five stopover - Hunger for justice


Holy Week – Wednesday - Hunger for spirituality

Holy Week – Maundy Thursday - Hunger for the Sacraments

Holy Week – Good Friday - Hunger for the Cross and self denial


Easter Sunday – The Resurrection of Our Lord- Hunger for life




Your engineers, Father Tom and Pastor Jeff, offer an exciting trip with worship experiences that invite fellow travellers to be engaged in understanding what hunger means for ourselves, for those in our community and in our world.  Come, receive the sign of the cross with ashes, receive bread and wine for the journey throughout the Lenten season, hear God’s Word that will tell of the Passion of Christ and celebrate in the resurrection of our Lord.


In all of this, the train tracks do not stop there as we ride the rails through scenic lands talking about constitutions, a merger document, organizational structures, committees and mission outreach.   This journey will be exciting for some and daunting for others.  We are all in this together.  May God bless our journey of living and being the people of God.